Vendor Profile: Nicole Sarah Photography Studio

As one of Calgary’s top wedding venues, we’ve had the pleasure of creating connections throughout the wedding industry with other vendors.  Every wedding couple we work with ultimately needs a wedding venue in addition to many other services to round out their special day.  We’re talking about wedding planners, DJs, limousine companies, and others.

After the wedding day is complete, and the gifts have been opened, the real memories for your wedding day end up in the photographs.  Hiring an experienced wedding photographer is essential if you want to capture the special moments throughout your wedding day and make them last a lifetime.

Introducing Nicole Sarah Photography Studio, Calgary Wedding Photographers

At White Diamond, our mission is to provide our guests with a beautiful venue for weddings, and one of the key pieces to any wedding day is photography.  We’re pleased today to feature a new vendor and introduce you to Nicole Sarah Photography Studio!

We reached out to Nicole and wanted to know more about her wedding photography service, specifically for couples planning a wedding in the Calgary area.

It was fantastic connecting with Nicole and hearing what she had to say about her craft and what couples can expect when working with her.  We also learned how her agency approaches wedding photography during a pandemic, how her photography service is different and unique compared to so many other Calgary-area photographers, and so much more.

Amazing locations in Calgary for Wedding Photos

We really wanted to get some inside scoop from Nicole on some special (and secret) spots where couples can get amazing wedding photos in the Calgary area.  Sure, we know about the common locations such as Peace Bridge, The Lougheed House, McDougall Centre and others, but surely there are some knockout options that no one really knows about.

Sadly, but understandably, she did not divulge these secrets, but says that there are so many opportunities to feature beautiful hidden spots that people don’t shoot frequently.  It’s these special spots that really highlight the City of Calgary!  (You may need to hire Nicole as your wedding photographer to find out where these spots are :))

What’s your most creative wedding photo?

Nicole shared an amazing sample of her work with us – have a look at this photo!  She says this is one of the most amazing wedding photos she has taken in her career, and we were blown away when we saw it.

Nicole says, “One of the most creative photos I’ve taken was of an amazing couple at the estate wedding in front of a vintage Rolls Royce!  The car, the aesthetic, the romance between the couple and the beauty of using their home as their venue with the lovely flower arch was amazing.”

photo of a wedding couple photographed by Nicole Sarah Photography Studio in Calgary
Photo credit: Nicole Sarah Photography Studio, Wedding photographer in Calgary

Weddings and COVID-19

As with most things, the pandemic has created challenges for us all.  Some people chose to postpone their weddings in favour of avoiding the high risks during the peaks of the pandemic, and understandably so.  However, Nicole says that it’s still possible to pull off a successful wedding during a pandemic, and keep everyone safe.

Nicole offers the following advice, “One important consideration to make is to be mindful of your vendor’s comfort levels.  We always follow all restrictions and guidelines – but even without those, it’s nice to have people respect our choices regarding safety. We sometimes face pressure to remove masks or guests don’t always respect space. So it’s nice when couples and their guests are mindful of our comfort.”

So, what makes Nicole Sarah Photography different than all the other wedding photographers?

It’s obvious that Nicole takes her career and client opportunities seriously.  But she also shows how much she cares about the quality of her work, and for making the day as special as possible for her clients.

“We really pride ourselves on our ability to make connections with our couples. Some of our closest friendships have started with us capturing their wedding! It’s not something you can fake – and people pick up on that real quick.  Being “people” oriented and outgoing is natural to us, and we just genuinely love getting to know couples and capturing their memories.”

At White Diamond, we understand this and also cherish the opportunities to participate in our couple’s special day.  To be chosen as the host for a wedding truly makes all the hard work worthwhile.  So, yes Nicole, we can relate!

If you could offer one piece of advice for a wedding couple…

Just like us, Nicole’s been a vendor at MANY weddings!  With that experience, she is able to provide some helpful advice for wedding couples who are planning their special day.

“Hire a planner for full design if it’s in your budget! It’ll make your life so much easier and they can truly bring your vision to life. If you don’t go the planner route, the next best advice I can give is to remember that it’s about a marriage ultimately. NOT about a wedding. Keep perspective. ”

Photo credit: Nicole Sarah Photography Studio, Wedding photographer in Calgary

Wrapping up

We’re so happy to have the opportunity to meet Nicole Sarah and introduce her to you!  Nicole shared some very helpful information and great insight into what you can expect when working with a wedding photographer on your wedding day.  But, that wasn’t it – she had one last bit of info to share.

“We encourage couples to really go with their gut feelings when meeting with someone. You want to have amazing photos of course – but the experience is paramount. You want to have fun with your photographer the day of your wedding, and look back on your photos and think “Wow that was a really great experience!”.

We couldn’t agree more!  Thank you, Nicole!

If you are in the Calgary area and planning an upcoming wedding, contact White Diamond Conference Center and Nicole Sarah Photography Studio, two highly-experienced wedding vendors.  We look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your wedding day.