How Choosing the Perfect Banquet Hall in Calgary Can Make All The Difference in Event Planning

Are you planning an important event in the Calgary area soon? Organizing wedding receptions, corporate events, fundraisers, holiday celebrations, and other similar ventures with a guest list can take a toll on your time and energy. Perhaps, you are an event planner with lots of experience organizing all kinds of gatherings. Or, maybe you have been put in charge of organizing things for the very first time. Either way, to ensure everything goes off without a hitch, you likely have a lot of work ahead of you.

What if there was a way to make things easier?  The best way is to select the perfect banquet hall for hosting large gatherings in Calgary. Check out White Diamond Conference Center!

Here, our skillful and accommodating staff team can take much of the weight off of your shoulders. When planning and collaborating events in Calgary, we make things simple. Read on to find out how!


As one of the top-rated banquet halls and conference centers in Calgary, White Diamond is here to solve all of your venue-related needs. We are so much more than just a banquet venue. White Diamond Conference Center is a one-stop-shop for all things you’ll need to pull off a successful event.

Our seasoned team of experts has experience with all kinds of special events and occasions! Our facility can host Christmas parties, cultural events, corporate gatherings, lavish weddings, wedding receptions, and many other types of events.

Our exceptional team will work hard to help you and your guests make the perfect memories. Plus, our top-rated Calgary event venue is spacious, centrally located, and attractively designed. We also have jaw-dropping decor options, a tailored customizable menu, a capacity to handle large groups, and a skilled kitchen staff who will treat your guests with the highest levels of consideration.


Trying to find the ideal venue for a corporate event, wedding reception, or holiday gathering like Chinese New Year? If so, your venue location is critical. After all, you want your guests to easily be able to find the party! At White Diamond, we have a convenient centralized location. Our location makes travel effortless for you and your guests!

Located in the heart of Downtown Calgary, our venue is just steps away from River Front Avenue and within walking distance to many hotels. This makes White Diamond the ideal location for all kinds of events in Calgary and so much more. If you are hosting an event in the Calgary area and want the perfect venue with easy access to many important amenities, White Diamond is a great option.


Planning an event can be hard. Not only will you have to stick to your budget, but collaborating with outside vendors and merchants can be a hassle. Not to mention those potential surprise fees! The more vendors, retailers, and merchants you work with, the higher the likelihood is surprise fees will arise and drain your budget.

At White Diamond, we eliminate some of the biggest event planning hurdles in one step. Let our team collaborate with you to ensure that no details are overlooked! All of this, without any surprise fees. We handle catering, decor, and more!


When planning a large or small event, selecting the right food is essential. From dietary restrictions to personal preferences, finding food solutions that everyone will love is important! Since the culinary choices you make can make or break your event, you will want to choose food event options wisely.

For this reason, we offer a range of amazing catering solutions at White Diamond. In fact, we are one of the most versatile wedding reception venues in Calgary! With catering included, we can serve 100 to 500 guests! Our menu can even be customized to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions, vegan lifestyles, and gluten sensitivity! Moreover, our skilled kitchen staff provides excellent service and can create mouth-watering culinary masterpieces that all of your guests will love.


Have you decided what kind of decor to go with? Where can you find tables, chairs, tablecloths, curtains, centrepieces, dishes, and other important decorative items easily? What if we told you the venue you selected could do all of that for you? White Diamond has you covered!

Leave the decor to us! We will do all of the decorating for you. Our amazing decorative solutions can be used with various themes. From subtle neutral decorative designs to extravagant aesthetic decor, White Diamond can do it all!


Are you ready to get things started and plan the perfect event in Calgary now? White Diamond is here to help! To find out more or to schedule a private viewing, simply call us at (403) 951-4000 or contact us online.