Guide To Book Wedding Vendors While Social Distancing

As we are getting back to normal life, we cannot put ourselves to risk again. With the cities and businesses reopening, it has become essential for everybody to maintain social distance and take preventive measures to put an end to the pandemic. 

If you are currently planning your wedding, it can be really stressful, especially when you are frequently required to meet different vendors. But, we have a better and safer way to do that! In this blog, we have listed some tips that you can use to book your wedding vendors without putting yourself at risk. 

Take Online Venue Tours

Most of the event and wedding venues have started offering online tours with 360-degree views. Before you shortlist your wedding venue list, you can ask for tours to different venues and decide which ones are worth visiting. 

White Diamond Conference Center ensures a thorough online tour and a safe real-time tour. Contact us to go through our property and find out amazing corners to create the best wedding memories. 

Cake! Cake! Cake!

For wedding cake sampling, it is not necessary to visit the bakeries. You can simply order some sample flavors to test their baking quality, presentation, and taste. 

And the DJ!

Every guest wants to have a good time with some good food and good music. So, you can ask different DJs to send sample playlists to find out if they will be able to set the right mood for your guests. 

Digital Dress Trials

Currently, several dress designers and boutiques are taking virtual bookings to help people maintain social distancing. Using the virtual try-on, brides-to-be can decide which stores to visit to make their final decision. 


Visiting a florist is not necessary. You can simply tell them the wedding theme and your choice of flowers. It is important that you specify accurate details like date and time, venue, and contact numbers. 

Photography & Videography

This one is really simple as you need to open Instagram and Youtube to assess portfolios of different photographers and videographers available in your region. Once you find the one that hits it off, it is time to dial their number. 


See, how simple it was! 

It does not have to be that tiresome or stressful when we have better and simpler ways to do it. 

Our team at White Diamond Conference Center also helps people find the right vendors in Calgary. We have worked with the finest, affordable, creative, passionate, and experienced wedding vendors over these years. So, we can always suggest the best ones in town for everything.