Picking the Best Time of Year for Weddings in Calgary

A Seasonal Guide for the Perfect Spring and Summer Weddings

Have you been wondering what time of year to hold your wedding? If so, you are definitely not alone. All four seasons have various advantages! Couples have debated the best time of year to get married for over a century. In this guide, we will go over the pros and cons of getting married in each of the four seasons in Alberta. We will also talk about some wedding season history. That way, you can more easily decide when to schedule your big day!


Many modern seasonal wedding traditions stem from the old-fashioned marriage traditions of medieval England and France. In the middle ages, most people chose to have their weddings in the summer or late fall. This was for a few reasons.

First, in the summer months of June and July, wedding celebrations were easier to set up in the nice warm weather. Moreover, fresh flowers were readily available for decorative and traditional applications. In the autumn, the harvest season meant an abundance of tasty food for guests.

As trends and wedding expectations have changed, the time of year that weddings are held has evolved accordingly. These days, it is much easier to have your wedding any time of the year. Fresh flowers are easy to come by anytime, and couples no longer have to wait for the harvest season to hold a feast. You can plan a wedding almost any time of the year in Alberta for these reasons.


There are many great reasons to have Spring weddings. First of all, the season is naturally beautiful and romantic. Nothing is prettier than flowering trees, pastel colours, and bursts of new life everywhere you look.

Plus, if you plan to hold a large wedding, spring is a smart and safe time of year. Friends aren’t as likely to take trips or leave town, since there are no major holidays to compete with. As you send out your invites, you will get fast responses and more attendees.

Moreover, spring lets brides easily select a range of gowns. Short sleeves, long sleeves, backless wedding dresses, and more are fitting for the spring. Plus, white wedding gowns pair beautifully with light pastel springtime colour palettes.

photo of a spring bouquet display on a table at White Diamond Conference Center in Calgary, Alberta
White Diamond Conference Center, a perfect wedding venue for Spring and Summer Weddings in Calgary

On the downside, your locations will be slightly limited in the spring. Holding an outdoor wedding in the spring in Alberta is a gamble. After all, you never know if it will be too cold, rainy, windy, or even snowy in the springtime. As such, it is best to plan both your reception and ceremony indoors.  For this reason, White Diamond Conference Center is the ideal venue for Springtime weddings. We are one of the most popular springtime wedding reception venues in Calgary!


Summer is arguably the most popular time to hold a wedding. First of all, summer weddings make catering much more fun. You can enjoy so many different menu options with fruits, cheeses, meats, and other fresh, delicious ingredients. We offer in-house catering with extensive menus for spring and summer that you’ll fall in love with!

Additionally, the sultry warmth of a summer night is incredibly romantic. With more daylight hours, you will be able to make the most of your ceremony and reception. There will be no rush or pressure to get all of your photos taken quickly. As such, summer is the ideal wedding season for night owls. Since most wish to avoid the hottest time of day anyway, it is best to hold your ceremony in the afternoon or evening. Then, you can party at your reception late into the night.

July is a popular month for a summer wedding – you can take advantage of the Golden Hour and get gorgeous sunset photos.

Finally, summer is a great time for weddings because floral availability is abundant. There are fresh blooming flowers for every colour scheme. This allows you to create colourful arrangements with vibrant decor and bouquets which match perfectly!

On the downside, lots of people want to travel in the summer. This can make your wedding planning a frustrating experience or cause you to start planning in advance to avoid missing out on important guests who won’t be available.  Plus, this is peak wedding season. So, there will be more weddings to compete with. Honeymoon packages are also often a tad pricer in the summer.


In summer, some couples choose to have an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception or vice versa. This is a great way to accommodate your needs and invite guests easily to one occasion or the other. White Diamond can be used for receptions, ceremonies, or both!


Spring and summer are indeed the most popular months of the year for a wedding day. Still, we have to say that large indoor venues like White Diamond make winter and autumn weddings great options as well. Snow-flocked winter weddings with red roses and holiday vibes are without a doubt romantic!

Alternatively, neutral tones, candles, apple cider, and pumpkin spice make fall weddings cozy and sweet. Our climate-controlled venue is a great place to escape the chills of winter or fall and hold a warm romantic ceremony or reception. We can accommodate anywhere from 100 to 500 wedding guests!


Let our wedding venue in Calgary make your wedding a day that you will remember with fondness any time of year. We help our clients make every event hosted here exceptional! If you are looking for a venue for hosting weddings or formal events, we have you covered. To find out what we can do for you, just call our skilled and seasoned event experts any day of the week from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM at (403) 951-4000.