Why Choose White Diamond Conference Center instead of a community hall for your event?

If you are planning an upcoming event, like a Christmas party or corporate event, and cannot decide between a full-service banquet hall and a community league hall rental, you’re in the right place.  Keep reading to learn the main differences between both types of venues and what you can expect when you choose White Diamond Conference Center.  

When planning your event, it’s important to understand what type of space you need.  Both a community hall and a banquet facility like White Diamond Conference Center have the space you need for your guests, but there are reasons why you should choose a more professional environment for your event.

Banquet halls are more flexible and can accommodate your needs better

When choosing between a community league hall and a full-service conference center like White Diamond, you’ll find that we offer much more flexibility with our space.  We have the ability to host large gatherings, such as a wedding ceremony, for up to 500 guests and have options for smaller events for up to 50 guests.  Our banquet hall comes pre-decorated for your event, plus we can prepare food on-site for your guests.  This, and many more perks are available when you choose White Diamond.

Our hosts and venue staff are experienced in hosting special events of all kinds such as Christmas Parties and Wedding Receptions. Work with us and we’ll help with all aspects of your event to ensure that it goes without a hitch.

You’ll save time and money

If you choose to use a community league hall for your event, you may have to hire someone to do things like setting up chairs, breaking down tables, food preparation and catering, decorations and cleanup, etc. This means hiring people who may charge by the hour which could cost you much more than you expected.  You may also find yourself doing clean-up work at late hours after all of your party guests have left.  Bottom line, your time is also worth something, and as a party planner, you will invest a great deal of time coordinating the essential aspects of your event until the moment your event begins.

Book your event with White Diamond Conference Center, and leave everything up to us.  As the host and organizer of your event, you can show up and be a guest at your event.

A community hall won’t look as nice

Imagine the work involved in decorating your community hall rental to look like this!
At White Diamond, we’ll decorate our banquet hall like this for you to enjoy with no additional effort on your part.
Plus, you can leave all the clean-up to us after your event is completed.

Community centres often don’t take into account how large your event will be, and because they aren’t a professional banquet venue, they might try cutting corners where you wouldn’t expect them to. For example, many community halls don’t offer tablecloths or even allow you to bring in extra chairs. Also, some facilities don’t have air conditioning unless you’ve booked one specifically.

Community halls are also multi-purpose spaces that can be used as a gymnasium alternative or a place where a small indoor sports event could take place.  Some community halls have permanent sports structures like basketball nets that would need to be covered up or disguised for a formal event.  At White Diamond, we offer a professionally finished space where you can host your personal or corporate events with a touch of class.

Your guests will feel welcome

At a community center, chances are they probably won’t feel as relaxed because the space is not as welcoming.  However, if you’re looking for an intimate gathering for a holiday Christmas party, wedding ceremony or wedding reception, then a banquet hall such as White Diamond Conference Center is perfect!  The lavish decorations and atmosphere of our event space will give your guests a feeling of warmth and enjoyment that is difficult to provide with a traditional community league hall.

Security isn’t always something you think about until you need it

When you host an event, you’ll likely have several hundred attendees coming together in one spot. Because community centers usually only have limited staff or no staff on hand at all, you’re basically putting all responsibility onto the individuals who are planning your event with you. While no one wants to worry about safety while attending an event, having experienced event staff at White Diamond ensures you won’t have to deal with any unexpected issues for your guests.

There are no hidden charges

Many community centers add additional fees during peak times, but at a professional banquet hall like White Diamond, none of these extras apply.  We are always upfront with our fees and ensure you will not have any surprises when you receive your final bill from us.  In fact, if you ever find yourself paying for something you didn’t intend to, contact our management immediately at (403) 951-4000.    

What kind of events does White Diamond Conference Center specialize in?

White Diamond Conference Center specializes in weddings, corporate meetings, training seminars, product launches, trade shows, conventions & expositions, Christmas and holiday parties, birthday parties, reunions, anniversaries, graduations, award ceremonies, conferences, team-building events, fundraisers, and other special occasions.

Interested in a tour of our Banquet Hall?

Contact us today by calling (403) 951-4000 to set up a time to view our facility.  We’re conveniently located in the Calgary Downtown core, with quick access to the Deerfoot Trail freeway.  We look forward to working with you on the planning of your next event in Calgary!