7 Types Of Wedding Decorations To Choose For Your Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is a special occasion, not only for the bride and groom. Therefore, every aspect of a wedding becomes important and especially the wedding decorations. 

Whether you want to keep a simple decor or an extravagant one, selecting them is quite a task. There are an array of wedding decorations available and it depends entirely on how much you are willing to spend on your wedding. In this blog, we have tried to break down this huge subject into different segments of wedding decoration that you can choose for your wedding ceremony. 

Types of Wedding Decorations to Choose from

Stage Backdrop

Source: White Diamond Conference Center

The stage is the area which remains in focus throughout the wedding. It is also the place where most of your photographs will be taken. Hence, special attention must be given to decorate it. There are various options when it comes to stage backdrop decoration that you can choose from such as: 

  • Fresh floral
  • Artificial or paper floral
  • Fabric drapes or curtains

Theme Based decorations

Green & White Theme Wedding At White Diamond Conference Center

Theme based decorations or concept decorations are quite popular these days. Usually couples decide on a particular colour combination or elaborate structures like a movie set up, palace or even replica of a location. You can choose from these theme based wedding decorations from the following themes:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Hollywood/Bollywood
  • Outdoor – Garden

Royal Decor

Many couples choose royal decor in their wedding simply because of their love for castles. These kinds of decorations create extra creativity into the wedding. You can choose from the following royal decors:

  • Palatial entrance structure
  • Castle backdrop

Wedding Altar Decorations

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There are various designs and decoration ideas that you can choose from for outdoor or indoor weddings. The altars enrich the look and feel of the venue and hence they should be given importance while decorating. 

Using Sparkling crystals

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For those who like bling, using sparkling crystal curtains can bring a lot of jazz into your wedding. You can hang them in an arch formation or on a tree branch. It can be panelled with fabric drapes as well or can be used with flowers for aisle decors. 

Creative Lights

For those who like contemporary looks, you can even use lights to create a modern backdrop. You can use light strings for the backdrop and shape them into ways you like. These creative lights add spark to the wedding decorations and make for a star lit wedding. 

Use of lanterns

Source: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/66/73/70/66737005f97b8689b4bba07e49af8217.jpg

Bringing in colourful lanterns is a great way to bring colour into a wedding. You can use lanterns at any part of the stage or aisle or mandap to make your wedding look amazing. Use them on the roof of the altar or mandap. You can even use them above the path to the wedding altar to give it a unique look. 


Wedding decorations are often subjective and depend entirely on the choice of couples and how much they wish to spend on it. You can choose from the variety of wedding decorations as mentioned above to make your wedding stand out.