Top Wedding Cake Designs For Your Wedding

Planning your wedding party can be really stressful. However, among the thousand difficult decisions, there are also some fun decisions to make. One such decision is which wedding cake to choose. Wedding cakes are the focal point of the reception, and if it’s gorgeous, it can grab the attention of every guest present in the venue.

Do not get stressed! First, start with three basic questions: what type of filling you want, the cake type, and the icing. Next, jump on to the fun part, the design!

Trendy Wedding Cake Designs Of 2022

Here are some of the most popular and attractive wedding cake design ideas that are grabbing attention in 2022.

Edible Pressed Flowers

Edible Flower Cakes – The Edible Flower

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Edible flowers never go out of trend, whether it’s 2008, or 2022. Here we do not mean flowers made of chocolate, sugar, or fondant. We mean actual flowers that are edible. They look mesmerizing when pressed on top of the buttercream. In addition, decorating it with florals is the real definition of art. 

Remarkable 3d Floral Painting Combined With Foil Detailing

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This tall wedding cake decorated with 3d floral painting and gold foils containing leaves trellising upwards is enough to take your breath away. In addition, you can feature it with different flavours like salted caramel, chocolate, raspberry cream or other choices. 

Floating Layer Cakes

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Floating layer cake is a trend that many people are admiring. You will never be able to guess its beauty until you see it in real life! Adding a non-cake layer between the two layers will create the prettiest illusion, like a floating cake, making it more modern and artsy. 

Pastel Cakes

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If you want to stick to the classic wedding cake but don’t want white boring cake, pastel is the perfect medium you are looking for. When you add a touch of pastel to your classic wedding cake with hand-painted detailing and fondant, you will have a fresh twisted wedding cake design. 

Dark Wedding Cake

Black Wedding Cakes Are The Chicest New Wedding Trend -

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If you have never experienced a situation where you cannot eat a cake because it’s too beautiful, you have never ordered a black wedding cake. This stunner emanates a soft elegance with its floral decoration and makes a jaw-dropping statement with its colour. 


Choosing one from among the multiple gorgeous wedding cakes is challenging, but it is not impossible. Analyze what you want from your wedding cake and reimagine it in front of you; you will know the right one for you. 

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