5 Steps To Pick The Perfect Wedding Theme Colors

When you start planning your wedding, choosing the right colour theme becomes highly important. It aids your design and brings consistency throughout the wedding decorations. You can bring a combination of your favourite colours or can take a cue from your wardrobe as well. People tend to select the colour they wear most. So, inspiration can come right from your closet, or you can browse through different colour combinations to soothe your fancy. 

But how do you choose the perfect colour? What steps should you follow to choose the perfect wedding theme colour for your big day? Let’s check out.

Steps to consider while picking the perfect wedding theme colours

Keep it Simple, Don’t overthink. 

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When you start selecting colours, the event manager would ask about your favourite colour. At most times, friends and family start suggesting different colours but you must keep your head down to understand what you want for your wedding. You should keep it simple while selecting the colour and not come under any pressure. You should think about your wedding in terms of texture, mood, style and then pick the palette. 

Consider the season of the wedding

Seasons are often depicted through colours and it may also decide what you will wear for your wedding. Therefore, the colour should match the hue of the season you are getting married in. Lighter pastels are typically preferred in Spring, and a higher tone colour is preferred in the fall season. That being said, it shouldn’t be the demarcation that you should make; Take this opportunity to pick colours that you deem perfect and add in texture that goes by the season.

Colors that define your personality

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The colours must showcase your personality. If you are minimal and soft spoken, you can go with lighter colours. You  can even choose colours that bring the best in the wedding for you as a couple. All this will help you ease off pressure and feel at home in your wedding. 

Do proper research

You don’t want to choose something that’s outdated and then feel bad in front of friends and family. Therefore, it is important that you do the research, look at your friend’s or relatives’ weddings, read magazines or search the web for trendy inspirations. You can even consult the colour wheel and consider pairing up opposite colours. 

Consider the Venue


White Diamond Conference Center- Venue for all kinds of events.
Venue: White Diamond Conference Center

You must consider the venue while selecting the wedding theme colours. You must make sure that your selected colour does not overpower or undermine the aesthetics of the wedding venue. If at all, it should go hand in hand with the venue decor. Therefore, choosing a neutral palette is a great way. Or, you can visit the venue with your wedding decorators to understand the aesthetics well and then select the colour. 


Choosing the right theme colour makes all the difference in the wedding setup. It enlightens not only your mood but also of those you have invited. However, you should not sweat too much or get stressed. Instead, you must decide the colours as a couple to ease each other off.