How to Create the Perfect Wedding Seating Chart

Let’s be honest, mixing company is never easy!  Planning a wedding seating chart can be a daunting task as you try and place your guests at tables where they will have an enjoyable experience.  If you’re searching for creative wedding seating chart ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

What should you keep in mind when assigning seating?

Guests should be seated according to how well they get along with each other. Ideally, you want to group guests at tables who are known to each other. If you’re going to include more than one generation, then group them by age. If you’re inviting people who aren’t close friends, put them near people they’ll be comfortable around.

Enlist Your Parents’ Help to Seat Their Friends

You should ask your mom and future mom-in-law to help arrange the seating charts for your wedding reception. Involving your parents in the seating plan is helpful because they know who your close friends are. Also, if there are two separate family-and-friends tables nearby, they may want help choosing people to sit at those tables.

Add People in to “Break The Ice”

A seating arrangement is important because people want to be seated next to someone they enjoy being around.  Some people will find it difficult to mingle with other people they don’t know.  You may also have guests with certain personality types that would be difficult for some guests to relate to.  For this reason, consider inserting an outgoing couple who you know could “break the ice” at a table where the guests may need help mingling.  This strategy should help encourage enjoyable conversation at the table.

You’ll never be able to create the perfect seating chart, but do your best to position guests in a way where everyone has a good time and feels comfortable during the wedding reception.

Make a Digital Seating Chart

Websites exist that make it incredibly easy to make a creative wedding seating chart online. Most sites include drag ‘n’ drop options, making it so simple to arrange and rearrange to your heart’s content! You can also customize the template and try out different table sizes. WeddingWire has an excellent tool to create an online seating chart for your space.  You can add other space-consuming items such as bars and additional seating areas to really understand how the space flows.

Convey All Table Assignments Clearly on Your Seating Chart

Wedding table cards need to be designed so they’re easily readable by guests at the reception.  Once your guests are seated and situated at their designated table, finding it throughout the evening should not be a problem.

You want to make sure to design your table numbers so they are easy to read.  Remember, some guests will have difficulty reading fancy-style fonts, so avoid adding confusion where possible.  Use a font that’s legible and easy to read.

Consider a Kids’ Table

If your wedding is kid-inclusive, consider adding a series of tables for kids to interact with each other.  Kids’ tables should be placed near the parent’s table to keep them entertained. Be sure to include colouring books and other activities to entertain the kids while waiting for the adults to finish eating.

It’s a good idea to sit your children next to each other, and away from the dance floor. This way, they can play together and interact. Also, make sure you have enough space between the kids and the adults. Don’t place the kids’ table too close to the adult table because this could cause anxiety among the younger ones.

Need more seating chart ideas?  Ask us!

Creating an excellent seating plan for your wedding reception is not always easy. There are many factors to take into consideration.  Luckily, the wedding planners at White Diamond Conference Center have experience working with our wedding clients on creating strategies for seating guests.  Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about creating a perfect seating chart for your wedding.

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