Why Is White Diamond Conference Center The Perfect Corporate Event Venue In Calgary?

Why Is White Diamond Conference Center The Perfect Corporate Event Venue In Calgary?

When organizing a corporate event, you are entrusted with many decisions, but the first and most important one is choosing the right venue. When the venue is right, everything falls into place: the catering, the setup, audio/visual components, ambience, staff, and desired space. 

Seems overwhelming right? 

Don’t worry! 

When you choose White Diamond Conference Center, we can ensure a successful corporate event in all aspects. 

Here is how we do it! 

What Makes White Diamond Conference Center Your Best Option For Corporate Event


When you choose White Diamond Conference Center, you  are able to conveniently access the venue from anywhere in the city. Being in the heart of Downtown Calgary, it is easily accessible by car, bus or train. As a bonus, the venue is surrounded by parking to make it convenient for you and your guests. 

White Diamond Conference Center

Proper Accommodation For Food & Beverage

People love to eat good food along with special drinks; thus, we make it our top priority to only serve you the tastiest food items. In addition, we ensure that the food is of best quality, suits the environment or theme of your event.  There are even different options for you to choose from, such as buffet, cocktail, plated or family style. 

Services & Amenities

At White Diamond Conference Center, you will find the required services and amenities to host a professional event. You name it, and we have it! We offer you tables, chairs, linens, sound system, stage equipment, and other corporate event essentials as per your requirements. We make sure to create an ambience in which your guests feel comfortable. Moreover, we have a designated clean-up crew for instant clean-up of messes that is always on its toes. 

Professional And Responsible Staff

What makes us the best in Calgary is our professional and responsible staff. Our qualified and well trained staff works diligently to offer a seamless and memorable experience to your guests. They find it their responsibility that the guest is happy with the service. Plus, they are smooth and quick in their jobs which will not let you miss any chance of impressing your clients.  

Perfect Ambience

Another reason you should choose us over other venues is the décor and ambience we set for you. The environment we offer is high tech and upscale. So, you would not need to spend a lot on decoration. Our interiors will instantly match your desired vibe. 


Increase your chance of making your corporate event a blast with White Diamond Conference Center. We have a whole team of professionals ready at your service. We work creatively, passionately, and professionally so you can get the return you are dreaming of by the event. 

So, without any wait, contact our professionals now!