5 Jaw Dropping Centerpiece Ideas For Your Wedding Ceremony

Table centerpieces are often overlooked at weddings because they can be expensive and time-consuming to create. It’s your big day, and you want something unique and memorable to place around the tables during the reception.

What do you think of when you hear “Trendy Table Centerpiece Ideas For Your Wedding Ceremony”? The answer might surprise you. Let us show you some ideas you didn’t know existed – ones that would really impress your guests.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands on a table centerpiece. Here are some simple and trendy centerpiece ideas we’ve curated for you!

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Lanterns or a tall vase can make gorgeous centrepieces. Not only are lanterns versatile, but they tend to create a uniquely vintage, rustic wedding centerpiece. LED tea lights will add depth and a warm glow to create a romantic ambiance. Or, for creativity points, you can use real flowers for a splash of colour. Genuine candle lighting is another option with these centrepieces.


An edible centrepiece is a perfect way to curb everyone’s appetite while they wait for their entrees to arrive. These centrepieces can be especially helpful if guests will be waiting for their food for a while. Indeed, edible centrepieces are becoming more and more popular in place of appetizers or desserts. While the main course gets prepared, these multi-functional centrepieces can start conversations and help to keep your guests satisfied.

Edible centrepiece ideas include fruit baskets, dessert ensembles, or edible decorations with spun sugar. Cupcake stands can make for gorgeous centrepieces as well! Or, to really kick things up a notch, consider using whiskey tumblers with chilled stones. There are many great alcohol-themed centrepiece ideas for those who want to help their guests take the edge off.


Nothing can compete with the classic elegance and light-hearted beauty created by traditional floral centerpieces. Freshly cut floral arrangements are fragrant, elegant, aesthetically appealing, and classy. With live flowers, you can tie in the theme of your wedding while adding a natural pop of beauty to every table.

Roses, freesias, lilacs, and honeysuckle are all fragrant flowers that come in many beautiful colour options to match your wedding colours. These wonderfully scented flowers will fill your space with delicious smells that are refreshing and subtle. Or, for a unique take on cut flowers, opt for potted flowers instead. These potted live flowers can double as wedding favours in the spring! If flowers aren’t your thing, consider using succulents! As with live potted flowers, succulents make thoughtful gifts after the reception comes to an end.

photo of a bouquet of flowers on a table at White Diamond Conference Center, often seen in many spring and summer weddings


Lighting up the centre of each table is another way to create a feeling of romantic warmth and beauty. There are many wonderful illuminated centrepiece ideas to choose from. String lights in mason jars resemble fireflies. Or, candles on stands are an elegant and charming way to light a room. Taking advantage of the beauty of light is without question one of the easiest decorative solutions to use. You can also implement multi-coloured LED lights that pulse or glow. These colourful lights are ideal if your wedding reception has a modern or festive aesthetic.


As with light, water is another element that can take your centrepieces to new levels. Round glass bowls filled with water and topped with floating tea candles are a gorgeous idea. These bowls will reflect the candlelight for a wonderfully elegant and beautiful way to enter your guests. Or, consider using floating flowers. Bowls filled with cut flowers suspended in water can be enchanting and colourful.

You can also add glitter, sand, driftwood, food colouring, or other substances that dissipate slowly in water to create a magical and mystical effect. Some people have even used live goldfish for centrepieces! However, this may be best if you or one of your guests owns a large fish tank. Still, if you can pull it off, the sky’s the limit!


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